Microsoft Products

In Vietnam, Microsoft copyrighted products are trademarks used by many businesses. However, Microsoft's licensing policies and forms are quite complex depending on each specific customer. Currently, Microsoft has many different types of licensing for different product lines or under different licensing programs. Being consulted with an optimal licensing solution will help businesses to enjoy the cost-effective.

Windows Copyright, MS Office, products for enterprises, products for developers and information technology and other products: Copyright distinguishes packaging of products and product groups for different end-user. Specifically:

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or OEI (Original Equipment Installation) or RTM (Release to Manufacturing): retail or bundled with the device and cannot transfer license from one device (no longer used) to another device. This is the cheapest license, if the computer is discarded, the license will be discarded as well.

FPP (Full Packaged Product) (Retail): retail licenses in the form of each license should be used only for 1 computer and licenses can be transferred from one computer (no longer used) to another computer.

OLP (Open License) or VL (Volume License): open license product in the form of Key (no disk), each license can be used for multiple computers (Multiple Activation Lisence) and license can be transferred from one computer (no longer used) to another computer. This is the most expensive license, if the computer is broken, you can transfer the license to another computer to continue using.

OEM, FPP versions are suitable for individual users or small enterprises. The OLP version is suitable for medium and large businesses thanks to the ability to switch between computers and the ability to use a single license for multiple computers. See details of Microsoft products here.

Licenses for cloud computing applications from Microsoft will cost annually including: Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 with simple way of calculating according to each user.

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