Consultancy and technology transfer

To ensure the implementation of AASC's corporate governance solutions is timely and productive to every customer, our implementation project specialists are adhering to the later required in during implementation process.
Implementation objective:
• Ensure the best possible experience and application of Bitrix24 features in business operations.
• Deliver efficiency in management and reduce operating costs.
• To ensure the development and upgrading of features according to the needs and applications of the business.

Implement phases:

The Bitrix24 solution is usually offered in four phases; you can deploy it periodically or implement it in four phases depending on your business situation. As follows:

Phase 1: Provision of copyright and technology transfer
1.1 Install and configure system, configuration and training using basic functions.
1.2 Training and creating specialized business processes as templates for businesses.

Phase 2: Consulting on methods to ensure the management objectives during the operation and exploitation of Bitrix24

Phase 3: To Build and integrate new features not yet available in the Bitrix24 system, needed during the operation.

Phase 4: Integration with the external software. Further elaborate elaborate advanced functions as required.