AASC was initially established as a company specializing in provision of accounting services. AASC’s accounting services have been highly acknowledged and trusted by the Ministry of Finance and numerous clients. This is also one of the fields that AASC has advantages in personnel and experience. AASC provides various accounting services to our clients, including:

- Setting up accounting system and organizing accounting work for newly established companies; developing internal economic information system for business administration.

- Reviewing, analyzing, innovating, and rationalizing existing accounting and financial system.

- Consulting clients about accounting work such as preparing and rotating documents; bookkeeping; identifying cost pools and calculating unit price; reviewing, adjusting accounting data and closing accounting books; preparing financial statements, project settlement reports, etc.

Especially, AASC along with officers of General Department of Taxation and Departments of Tax in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Nam Dinh, Hung Yen… help and instruct thousands of private companies & household businesses to open and record accounting books in accordance with the legal regulations. With these activities, AASC has supported Tax authorities and Financial authorities in surveying the operation of business households, which forms the basis for adjusting tax rate and studying tax policies of this economic sector.

Bookkeeping; preparation of financial statements and settlement report of construction work and other reports;

Accounting system development;

IFRS conversion;