Audit of financial statements is our main business activity. With approximate 2000 clients operating in diversified economic sectors, we have gained extensive practical experiences and always provide the best quality services to all our clients. The audit process will be conducted with preliminary audit and follow-up procedures in compliance with the audit plan agreed with clients. The audit procedures are set up based on:

. Compliance with prevailing Vietnamese Standards on Auditing.

. Compliance with international standards.

. Compliance with professional code of ethics including Independence, Integrity, Objectivity, Prudence and Confidentiality.
. Compliance with actual business activities and Vietnam's legal system.

. Our audit engagement associated with information provision and consultancy has significantly contributed to the improvement of our clients’ internal control system, accounting function and financial management. In many cases, we have helped our clients to protect their legal rights.

Financial Statement Audit Services

Project Settlement Report Audit Services