Transparency – AASC’s Core Value

AASC officially issues new logo built based on true value: Transparency- Independence- Knowledge- Trust- Sustainability. Of which, the core value is TRANSPARENCY.

AASC is one of two first independent auditing companies (with VACO) – changes its name from the Auditing and Accounting Financial Consultancy Service Company Limited (AASC) found by Ministry of Finance since 13 May, 1991. AASC transferred its business form to company limited with more than 2 members in accordance with WTO commitment in 2007.

After 22 years operation and development, company still remained the position as one of the five auditing companies in Vietnam with the highest number of customers and auditors (nearly 65 auditors, 01 auditors qualified ACCA, 18 Valuer Certificates, 54 Certificates for practicing service on tax procedure (VTCA) and above 330 staff).

AASC currently achieves the highest second position in customer and revenue among auditing companies system achieving 128 billion dong; leading position of revenue and auditing construction quality out of 230 independent auditing companies operating in Vietnam. Simultaneously, AASC is three times granted Competition Flags and set of Labor Medals by President and Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

AASC currently is one of audit companies having the highest revenue from auditing services and the investment capital settlement reports.