The new logo of AASC has been created and developed in many years by experts in the field of branding and marketing, expressing the ideas of generations of leaders, auditors and staffs of AASC. The new logo has been designed based on both core values and traditional values which have built up AASC’s brand name in the last 27 years including: Transparency - Independence - Awareness - Trust - Sustainability.
The most important key factor, of which, is TRANSPARENCY with implication of providing transparent information to investors, the community, administrative agencies and other parties.

• 5 key factors of AASC’s new logo are illustrated by 5 sunbeams radiating from the center with the phrase “AASC”. The yellow-orange sunbeam expressed the aspiration for innovation. This is also the image of the sun with eternal energy to create an impulse to “push” AASC towards. In this image, the sun also indicates “TRANSPARENCY” - the most crucially core value of AASC.
• The image of 5 sunbeams radiating from the center also means: the convergence of the quintessence forming the image of a shining diamond which indicates “Being clear-minded” and sustainable relations within AASC.
• 5 sunbeams have been regarded as 5 key factors in geomancy: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, illustrating the development of values of AASC, AASC’s clients and business partners.
• The phrase “AASC” is designed simply, in a modern way with international style (meaning of integration) indicating core values of AASC.
• The brown color of the phrase “AASC” is darker than the color of the main image indicating the rhythm of EARTH, the color of TRUST, INTELLIGENCE and BRAIN.
• Highlight phrase “Since 1991”
• Emphasized on the long-term history of AASC, the first audit firm established in Vietnam and known as “the leading Vietnamese independent audit firms”. The red color of the phrase indicates the inheritance from previous logos of AASC.
Overall, the new logo of AASC has crystallized from core values and traditional values of AASC as well as culture, practical experiences and achievements for near 30 years since 1991, forming an eternal energy to the successful development of AASC.