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ACG or AASC Consulting Group is trademark of AASC Consulting and Associates Co., Ltd, an independent legal entity of AASC Auditing Firm specializing in consultancy services.

ACG operates towards the mission of sustainable development by providing effective strategy and risk management solutions (in the domain of finance – accounting – tax – system) in accordance with Vietnam’s regulations and international treaty to clients.

ACG was established on February 1st, 2013, providing main services as follows:

Investment advisory services (IAS)

- Consulting and supporting investment promotion procedures in Vietnam

- Market research (as order)

Tax advisory services (TAS)

- Tax review, consultancy and management

- Transfer pricing/ tax planning

- Consulting and evaluating the effect of taxes on business transactions

- Training and organizing workshop on tax

- Other services related to tax

Project Management Services (PMS)

- Providing appraisal services, evaluating contractor’s ability to receive and manage the projects funded by international organizations.

- Managing and/or Consulting project operation

- Project monitoring and evaluation (M&E)

-Designing, researching and preparing feasibility report for project's activities

- Creating the criteria to evaluate the project’s results

- Establishing project management procedures

- Organizing project training course and workshop related to projects

Financial/ Accounting Services (FAS)

- Financial/ Accounting review and consultancy  

- Establishing financial/ accounting procedures, handbook and consultancy

- Providing consultancy on financial and management modeling and financial reconstruction and financial management for business (cash flow, budget…)

- Financial consultancy on merger and acquisition, restructuring of financial model.

Risk Management Services (RMS)

- Reviewing and consulting business risk management modeling

- Reviewing internal control systems and consulting the completion of internal control systems.

- Evaluating and consulting professional risks, investment/ project, etc.

- Other risk management services

Business Consulting Services (BCS)

- Reviewing and determining company’s position in operating sector

- Providing consultancy on business and management model

- Identifying competitive advantages; developing added value and consulting on building strategies  

Training Services (TNS)

- Training and updating accounting knowledge


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