AASC Consulting Group (ACG)


ACG or AASC Consulting Group is the trademark of AASC Consulting and Associates Co., Ltd., a legally independent branch of AASC's consulting firm.

ACG works towards the goal of sustainable development by helping customers with effective solutions on strategy, risk management (finance - accounting - tax - system) suitable to the context of Vietnam. South and international best practices.

ACG was established on 01/02/2013 and provides Consulting Services under the following groups:

Investment Advisory Service (IAS)
- Consulting and supporting investment promotion procedures in Vietnam
- Market research (according to orders)

Tax Advisory Service (TAS)
- Tax review, consulting and management
- Transfer pricing / Tax plan
- Consulting, assessing tax impacts in business transactions
- Provide training services and seminars on tax related content, and
- Other tax related services

Project Support Services (PMS)
- Providing appraisal services, assessing capacity to receive and manage foreign-funded projects
- Project management and/or operation consulting
- Appraisal of the project's designed goals (M&E)
- Design, research and prepare feasibility reports for project activities
- Set up indicators to evaluate the performance of the project
- Compilation of project management processes
- Training and seminars related to the project

Financial/Accounting Services (FAS)
- Reviewing and advising on financial/accounting related matters
- Compiling procedures, manuals and advice on finance and accounting
- Consulting on financial models, restructuring and corporate financial management (cash flow, budget...)
- Financial consulting on mergers and acquisitions and financial model restructuring

Risk Management Service (RMS)
- Review and advise on enterprise risk management models
- Review the internal control system and advise on completing the internal control system of the enterprise
- Assessing business risks, investment deals/projects…and consulting
- Other risk management services

Business Administration and Strategy Services (BCS)
- Review and position the business in the field of operation
- Business model consulting and management
- Identifying competitive advantages, developing value chains and consulting on strategy building

Training Services (TNS)
- Training in accounting skills, updating accounting knowledge

Address: No. 1 Le Phung Hieu | Hanoi | Vietnam
Phone: (84 24) 3824 8372 | Fax: (84 24) 3824 8326
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Website: www. accgconsulting.com.vn