Promulgating the export - import tariff for the year 2014

This circular is to implement the WTO commitment of the year 2014, the Prime Minister's Instruction No. 09/CT-TTg on strengthening direction of conducting financial and budgetary duty of the year 2013 and Conclusion of Prime Minister at the Note No. 302/TB-VPCP published by the Office of Government and after discuss with other related Ministries and associations, Ministry of Finance (MOF) has just promulgated Circular No. 164/2013/TT-BTC dated November 15th, 2013 regulating on the export tariff and the preferential import tariff according to list of taxable goods items and taken effect since January 1st, 2014.

In term of export tariff, to make favorable condition in implementing for both taxpayer and customs agency, the 2014 export tariff has been adjusted on list of export dutiable goods items to harmonize with the list of export - import goods of Vietnam and amended the export tax rate on some kinds of commodities as specified below:

- Regarding to the list of export tariff, the dutiable products in the list of export tariff are specified in groups according to the code of eight numbers. The groups of commodities namely defined as in the import tariff are coded and named as in the import tariff. For the goods and products have not described in the import tariff yet, they will be named and coded specifically according to commodity codes classified in the import tariff based on their own nature and classification regulation of goods.

- For the export tax rate: it has changes on some groups of commodities such as gold, rubber, titan manufactured products to suit with current socio-economic development within the country and the international economic background.

In term of the general preferential import tariff: the general preferential import tariff adopted from January 1st, 2014 has changes with the 2013 preferential import tariff. The import tax rates on some kinds of products are reduced to harmonize with WTO commitment of the year 2014 and amended the irrational on import tax rate between the finished products and imported raw materials, components for manufacturing and assembling into finished product.

Ministry of Finance also increases preferential import tax rate applied on some tax lines in accordance with the Instruction No. 09/CT-TTg to encourage the production and increase the competitiveness of the domestic products.

Enterprises are recommended to actively research more information on the website of Ministry of Finance to adjust their production and business according to new regulations