Ministry of Industry and Trade on supplementing the list of domestically produced machines, equipment, supplies, material.

On 19 February 2014, the Minister of Industry and Trade issued Decision No. 1371/QD-BCT providing list of additional machinery, equipment, supplies, material can be produced domestically.


According to Decision No. 1371/QD-BCT, the list of domestically produced machinery, equipment, supplies and material includes motorbikes weighing 155 kg with 04 period engine, 02 cylinders and air -cooled engine with a capacity up to 233 cm3; and motorcycles with electricity generation and charge specializing for lights, sirens, speakers, walkie-talkie with engine capacity up to 233 cm3, are used for traffic police men, traffic inspectors, military inspectors, construction inspectors, military port and the professional security companies, etc. ..

This list is used as the basis for the Ministries, Departments, People's Committees and municipalities to implement, particularly, not encouraging to import goods which domestics could produced and access currency exchange and using in bidding of investment projects funded by the State under the Directive 494/CT-TTg Prime Minister on 20 April, 2010.

This Decision will come into effect from the date of signing.