Temporary- import goods will be kept in Vietnam for maximum 60 days

Anh luu tru hang nhap khau tai VietnamJuly 17, 2014 - Ministry of Finance promulgated Circular No. 94/2014/TT-BTC regulating on customs procedure, supervision and inspection of goods temporarily imported, transferred through border-gate and stored in bonded warehouse and solutions in case goods are denied to receive.

Accordingly, goods temporarily imported for re-export could be kept in Vietnam up to 60 days since the date customs procedure for the temporary import is completed. For each consignment, extensions could be made maximum 2 times but not exceed 30 days of each. When the storage duration was over, the goods would be forcibly re-exported from Vietnam through the border gate of temporary import in 15 days. If not, they would be seized and demolished.

Additionally, according to the Circular, it is not allowed to divide containers in transit of goods from temporary import border gate to inspection areas of customs authorities, re-export gate, customs clearance place. In case the division of container or other changes are necessary, enterprises must submit a request to Head of direct customs office at the place where goods are kept.

Upon the completion of customs procedure, goods must be placed in full and re-exported within 8 working hours since their arrival at the export gate and receipt of customs authorities’ confirmation in the handover report. In cases the whole or a part of consignment cannot be exported, the Head of Customs Office may consider the request of enterprises to extend the time for exporting, but the export date must be in storage duration in Vietnam.

This Circular takes effect from 30/08/2014 and abrogates Circular No. 59/2013/TT-BTC dated 08/05/2013.

Source: Portal of Ministry of Industry and Trade