Strengthening transportation fee management

In 19 February, the Ministry of Finance sent the Official Letter No. 2319 to the Ministry of Transport on further strengthening the transportation fee management.


Accordingly, in 2015, the fuel price was reduced multiple times. The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Transport had provided guidance on strengthening the transportation fee. In essence, transportation companies had reduced fee in order to stabilise the market price, and balance the interest of businesses and consumers. Since the beginning of 2016, fuel price keeps decreasing: Ron 92 petrol price decreased 04 times, with total of VND 2,650/l (by about 16%); diesel 0.05S decreased 03 times, with total of VND 2,400/l (by about 20%). In order to further strengthen the transportation fee management under the market mechanism with supervision from the State, as well as to stabilise the overall market price, according to the authority of transportation management, the Ministry of Finance proposed the Ministry of Transport to direct the Department of Transport, in collaboration with the Department of Finance and other relevant agencies, to strengthen the transportation fee management. Firstly, request transportation companies to review the current fuel price, compared to the fuel price in the previously declared transportation fee plan, in order to create and declare a new plan in line with the decrease in fuel price; closely coordinate in exchanging information on the declared fee of transportation companies operating on the same route to unify fee between 2 ends of the route; strictly penalise any violation of regulations on transportation fee management and operation according to law. Secondly, request transportation associates to communicate with local transportation companies on declaring and publishing transportation fee in accordance to the regulations and adjust transportation fee in accordance to the market mechanism and in line with the fuel price; publish companies that do not declare and decrease the transportation fee upon request for authorities to penalise.