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Newsletter No. 12.2018

AASC would like to invite the readers to use the Newsletter No. 12 2018 as reference including the following important highlights:
- Abolishing several Circulars on import and export duty
- Private tax rulings
- Regulations on State management – Banking including:
+ Detailed regulation elaborates and provides guidance on measures to implement certain Articles of the Law on Health Insurance
+ Amending and supplementing regulations on business conditions of maritime sector
+ Guidance on preparation of combined financial statements of State accounting units who are a superior accounting unit
+ Amending and supplementing some guidance on the accounting operations of tax and other revenues to imported and exported goods
+ Regulations on cases of freezing of capital and assets of branches of foreign banks of the State bank
+ Guidance on the credit policy for agricultural and rural development of the State bank.

Download attached file: Newsletter No. 12.2018