Legal updates – October 2019

AASC would like to invite the readers to use the Newsletter No. 10 2019 as reference including the following important highlights:
- Tax Policy
+ Private tax rulings
- Regulations on Finance
+ Guidance on lot-type auction for shares and receivables of state enterprises having competence in buying, selling and handling debts
+ Guidance on transferring, receiving, handling debts and excluded assets when transforming ownership of state companies
+ Guidelines for responses to risks of the credit guarantee fund for SMEs
- Other regulations
+ Regulations on penalties for administrative violations against regulations on competition
+ Regulations on amounts, collection, payment, management and use of fees for providing information about enterprises, charges for enterprise registration
+ Guidelines on social insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance fraud, evading payment of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance for workers of the Criminal Code
+ Newly issued consolidated documents

Download attached file: Newsletter No. 10.2019