AASC Branch in Ho Chi Minh City successfully completed the 6th fiscal year target

According to information from AASC Branch in Ho Chi Minh and AASC Chief Accountant, at the end of the sixth fiscal year, on 30th Sep, 2013, since the privatization from State-owned enterprise to Company Limited with more than 2 members, AASC Ho Chi Minh Brand has excellently completed tasks assigned by AASC Board of Directors with revenue  achieved equivalent to 120% of revenue in the 5th fiscal year and successfully implemented the sixth Resolution of the Board of Members.

In the jubilant atmosphere of emulation of all AASC’s Departments, Units, Branch and Representative Office and before the seventh meeting of AASC’s Board of Member, Ho Chi Minh Brand has become one of bright examples for the successful increase in revenue to the whole Company. This achievement has proved the excellent leadership and ability of the Chairman of Board of Member, Board of General Directors, Ho Chi Minh Brand’s Board of Directors, and the consensus of all auditors and staff of AASC Ho Chi Minh Brand. The achievement of AASC Ho Chi Minh Brand will be motive force and encouragement spreading to all Departments, Units, Branch and representative Office of the whole company to implement and complete the seventh fiscal year plan, maintain and improve the position as the leading auditing firms among Vietnamese Auditing companies and step by step become an Auditing firm on par with Big4s Auditing Firms operating in Vietnam.