AASC Cup 2016 successfully held


AASC Cup 2016 successfully held from 3/10/2016 to 15/10/2016 in Ha Noi with the participation of nine teams comes from all Divisions/Units within the Company. With the encouragement of the Board of Directors and excitement of all supporters, all players have shown their full strength, solid spirit to the audiences, especially in the final match with the competition between Project Department and Audit Department No.5. First half of the final match concluded with a draw. In the second half, the Project Department excellently took the lead but Audit Department No.5 had the equalizer with beautiful teammate playing. The breakthrough of the contest came from the striker of the Project Department. With his long shoot, the Project Department earned the trophy of the football tournament this year. Congratulations to the winner of AASC Cup 2016!
Closing an exciting season, all leaders, auditors, auditor assistants and staffs of AASC have a chance to improve their physical ability through participating in physical training and sports movements, thus contributing to the development of AASC.
Some photos of AASC Cup 2016: