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New year greetings to former directory of AASC – Mr Pham Huy Doan

On 30 January 2019, Party Secretary/Chairman of the Board of Members Ngo Duc Doan, General Director Nguyen Thanh Tung, Deputy General Director, Chief Accountant, Secretary of the Youth Union and representatives of the AASC Veterans Association visited and sent the new year greetings to Mr. Pham Huy Doan - Former Director of AASC Auditing Firm on the occasion of Mr. Pham Huy Doan’s 80th birthday.

On behalf of the Party Committee, the Board of Members and the Board of General Directors, Mr. Ngo Duc Doan wished and expressed his gratitude to Mr. Pham Huy Doan - the first Director, who laid the foundation for the development of AASC during the past 28 years (1991 - 2019).

In the joyful atmosphere, Mr. Pham Huy Doan expressed his sincere thanks to AASC Auditing Firm and sent his new year greetings to all AASC staff, his congratulations on the Company’s achievements in the 11th fiscal year and believed that with the consensus, solidarity among members, AASC will achieve more success in the 12th fiscal year and the following years.

Images of the event:

2019 01 31 Chuctet 01

2019 01 31 Chuctet 02