Credit Fund experiences

People's Credit Funds "People's Credit" was established in 1993 and currently there are over 1,200 People's Credit Funds operating across the country. After more than 24 years of implementation, up to now, the goal of forming and developing a cooperative economic model in the credit field has been achieved in rural areas, exploiting local capital sources to contribute to meeting the needs of customers. capital for production, business, services and life of members and play an active role in the process of rural economic development.

In line with the Government's policy and the requirement to audit financial statements in particular, the professional service needs in general of the People's Credit Fund sector, AASC has established the Auditing and Assurance Services Division in the field of assurance and auditing. Banking and finance sector with a core team of well-trained personnel at home and abroad, and equipped with professional knowledge such as CPA, ACCA and also have many years of experience in the field of finance and banking. specialized... to ensure the provision of specialized and quality services to the People's Credit Funds in particular and credit institutions in general.

After many years of operation, AASC has provided audit services, accounting advice, tax advice, policy advice and support to improve management capacity for more than 300 People's Credit Funds in the province. operating in 64 provinces and cities across the country.

Outstanding features of AASC's Services:

- Deep understanding of the banking and finance sector and experience in providing services for many years continuously for hundreds of People's Credit Funds.

- Regularly advise, support and share with customers documents and knowledge to improve business management and internal management capacity.

- Consistently apply Audit Manual designed to fully comply with the requirements of ISAs of HLB International Network (HLB International).

- The network's international knowledge and experience is combined with over 25 years of domestic experience of AASC - the first audit firm established in Vietnam.

- AASC together with Big4 are the 5 largest service providers in the market (according to statistics of the Vietnam Association of Practicing Auditors).

- AASC is a member of the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Tax Advisory Association (VTCA).

- AASC's services are performed by nearly 500 professional staff in 3 offices in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Quang Ninh.

Relevant information:

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