Information Technology services

Our mission at AASC is to provide the support and guidance your organization needs to begin a successful compliance journey. You don't need to choose an audit partner and leave you with unanswered questions and regulatory compliance concerns. Instead, you can begin and end your audit with us and overcome the most challenging compliance requirements you face. Using our service you will achieve:

A Streamlined Audit Process

After engaging AASC, Information Security Specialists use the proprietary tools to help clients complete 60% of the audit before stepping through your doors for an onsite visit. Our tool acts as a guide through the audit control objectives, allowing clients to organize their requirements and document their process. Our clients are able to collaborate with their Information Security Specialist through an efficient process on their own schedule, gain remediation guidance early in the process, and eliminate intrusive and expensive onsite time. The tool’s efficiency allows our clients to be notified of audit requirements year-round and prepare for future engagements.

Partnership with an Expert

When you work with AASC, your organization is partnered with an expert in information security. This can be an invaluable resource for your organization. Our Information Security Specialists are dedicated to educating our clients and helping them meet their compliance objectives. Our average Information Security Specialist has 10 years of experience in areas such as IT governance, data security, regulatory compliance, and cybersecurity, spanning healthcare, government, manufacturing, banking, and software services industries.

AASC Information Security Specialists maintain their expertise with industry trends through continued education so that we can best help you maintain compliance and keep your organization safe and secure. After an engagement with AASC, you will be able to demonstrate your organization’s compliance and verify that your organization has the proper internal controls and processes in place to deliver high quality services to your clients.

Delivery of a Quality Audit

At AASC, we believe in a quality audit. It’s our responsibility to provide our clients with the most thorough, accurate, and timely project that we can. AASC’s commitment to quality starts at the top and runs throughout the organization. Our Quality Assurance team reviews Information Security Specialist’s working papers to ensure that testing results use our common language to capture accurate, detailed explanations of what was tested, and that testing results were captured in a timely, repeatable, and retainable fashion. The Quality Assurance process results in a scorecard for each project, which drives our continual improvement cycle. We regularly make adjustments to this process to provide clients with a thorough, accurate, and timely audit report.

Build trust. Protect your company’s most critical assets

Reliance on outsourcing to save money and gain efficiencies continues to grow, but so, too, does the trust gap as you share your critical data with third parties. SOC reporting assures customers and stakeholders that your business has the appropriate controls in place - for both your business processes and information technology (IT) - to protect your financial and client data.

Many traditional industries - for example, payroll processors and loan servicers within financial services - have relied on SOC 1 reports to assure they have proper controls in place for years. Increasingly, a wider set of industries - like FinTech and tech-enabled logistics companies - are also relying on SOC reporting processes. These processes offer a cohesive, repeatable process where companies can assess once and then report out to many stakeholders. SOC reporting can:

  • - Drive trust and transparency with internal and external stakeholders.
  • - Increase efficiencies while reducing compliance costs and time spent on audits and vendor questionnaires.
  • - Meet contractual obligations and market concerns through flexible, customized reporting
  • Proactively address risks across the organization.

AASC professionals can bring expertise and insight to your reporting process. By navigating the complexities of SOC reporting with the help of a skilled and independent auditor, you can obtain the following:

  • - A readiness assessment aligned to the relevant SOC framework, including recommendations for improvement and identification of potential gaps prior to a SOC examination.
  • - A SOC report you can share with customers and other auditors to provide transparency into your control environment.
  • - A customized SOC report that meets specific industry or customer requirements, such as NIST, HITRUST or GDPR.
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