Security Services

Do you have the capabilities needed to hunt for and rapidly contain sophisticated cyber threats across your IT estate? Legacy systems such as firewalls, endpoint security methods and other tools such as SIEMs and sandboxes are becoming insufficient to counter the speed and sophistication of attacks. There is an urgent need to build a successful cyber defence function that assists with incident detection, incident response and investigation, attack surface management, digital brand protection, platform engineering and cyber intelligence and threat hunting services on a 24x7 basis.

With us, Managed Security Services are tailor-made security services for organisations that wish to achieve and maintain a security posture that helps them effectively detect and respond to cybersecurity threats on an ongoing basis. Managed Security Services operate 24x7 as an extended arm of your security teams, providing you with cyber security management, detection and response capabilities and effective risk and compliance management with minimal initial investment.

Your Challenges:

  • - How do you effectively detect and respond to cybersecurity threats on an ongoing basis?
  • - A sudden shift to remote working and the need to quickly implement new IT solutions has increased opportunistic threat and workplace disruption has increased the cyber risk profile?
  • - Are you missing contextual insight into specific threats targeting systems and courses of action on a real time basis?
  • - Transform your Security Operations with integrated monitor, detect and response- threat intelligence and threat hunting capabilities.

How can we help you?:

  • - Managed Threat Detection & Response Services to detect, manage and respond to security incidents by leveraging our 24x7x365 Managed Cyber Defence (MCD) and Active Threat Monitoring Services.
  • - Dark Web & Brand Monitoring Services -Platform/Services to monitor and detect advanced threats on deep, dark web and closed/hacker forums.
  • - Security & Network Device Management- Services to manage the security implementation, operations and maintenance of network and security devices.
  • - Security Orchestration Automation and Response- Platform/Services for triaging automation, response orchestration and automation.
  • - Compromise Assessment - Analyse your network and hosts for advanced threats, malware, indicators of compromises and potentially unwanted activities utilising our extensive knowledge of advanced attackers’ tactics, tools and techniques.

Key benefits:

  • - Stop threats before they damage the targeted system.
  • - Reduce the time between detection and response to seconds or minutes.
  • - Access to the information needed for response and investigation activities.
  • - Identify data at risk from external or insider threats.
  • - Leverage Threat Intelligence and IR experience in real-time.

Our certified security assessors, proactively conduct end to end assessment of your organization as per the best practices methodology, providing a concise report for the following areas of expertise:

- Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.
- Thick client Application Security testing.
- Web Application Security Testing.
- Mobile Application Security Testing.
- API Security Testing.
- POS Terminal Software Security.
- Source Code Review.
- Data Discovery Scan.
- Configuration Audits.
- PCI Network Segmentation Penetration Testing.