Legal updates – March & April 2019

AASC would like to invite the readers to use the Newsletter No. 03 & 4 2019 as reference including the following important highlights:
- Tax Policy
+ Amendments and supplement to some articles of the Law on special excise duty
+ Abolishing some provisions in the field of import and export duties
+ Private tax rulings
- Regulations on accounting - valuation
+ Regulations on accounting instructions for microfinance institutions
+ Regulations on management of assets at enterprises under the Ministry of Defense
+ Regulations on training in the field of valuation
- Regulations on training in the field of valuation
+ Regulations on business conditions under the state management of the State Bank of Vietnam
+ Guidance on opening and maintenance of current accounts at payment service providers
+ Guidance on restricting the use of foreign exchange in the territory of Vietnam
+ Guidance on registration of securities trading on trading system for unlisted securities
- Other Regulations
+ Regulations on science and technology enterprises
+ Guidance on determining value of assets which are results of science and technology mission funded by the State
+ Regulations on licensing of outsource services, deposit payment and list of permissible outsourced jobs
+ Regulations on application of priority policies to customs procedures, customs supervision and inspection of imports and exports
+ Other documents
- Newly issued Consolidated Documents

Download attached file: Newsletter No. 03 and 04.2019