Legal updates – March & April 2020

AASC would like to invite the readers to use the Newsletter No. 03 & 04 2020 as reference including the following important highlights:

- Tax Policy
+ Amends and supplements to regulations on price brackets of natural resource tax
+ Regulations on refund of value-added tax on goods carried by foreigners and overseas Vietnamese upon their exit from Vietnam
+ Private tax rulings
- Regulation on securities, banking
+ Supplement, amendment to provisions on prices of services in securities sector
+ Guidelines for payment and money transfer related to transshipment of goods
+ Amendments on the Tariff of charges for payment services offered via the State Bank of Vietnam

- Regulation on investment
+ Guidance on implementation of some Articles on investor selection of the Law on Bidding
+ Amendments to list of industries benefitting from investment incentives
+ Regulation on finalization of completed projects funded with State capital

- Other regulations on state management
+ Piloting the management of labor, wages and bonuses for economic groups and State Corporations
+ Regulations on several Articles of the Competition Law
+ Penalties for administrative violations against regulations on water resources and minerals
+ Consolidated documents

Download attached file: Newsletter No. 03&04.2020