Visiting and working with Bové Montero y Asociados

Within the framework of AASC's visit and work in France and Spain, on the morning of September 19, 2022, AASC Auditing Firm visited and worked with Bové Montero y Asociados in Barcelona, Spain. Welcoming and talking with AASC, the representative of the company was Ms. Belén Fernández - Partner in charge of Law - Tax consulting and members in charge of auditing, accounting and human resource management consulting services. Currently, AASC and Bové Montero y Asociados are two active members of HLB International - a global network of professional accounting and consulting firms.

On this occasion, Permanent Deputy General Director Do Manh Cuong informed about the development and growth of AASC over 30 years of operation, especially the successes and achievements achieved after 15 years of transforming from SOEs into limited liability companies with two or more members, have actively contributed to the development of Vietnam's independent audit industry. At the same time, representatives of the two companies also discussed strengthening cooperation, developing international networks, sharing experiences in developing services including: audit, finance, accounting, tax, management consulting Human resource management - future opportunities and challenges. At the end of the meeting, once again, Bové Montero y Asociados expressed its gratitude to welcome the AASC delegation and hoped that the two sides would cooperate closely to promote the development of specialized services of the two businesses. in Spain and Vietnam.

Some photos of the meeting:

anh HLB 1

anh HLB 2

anh HLB 3