AASC Cup 2019 – Final Round

On 3 November 2019, at the Minh Kiet stadium, AASC organized the final round of AASC Cup 2019. Chairman Ngo Duc Doan, General Director Nguyen Thanh Tung, representatives of the Board of General Directors, leaders of Departments/Divisions and all football teams have gathered in the event.

All supporters have joyfully experienced the intense final matches regarding:

Men’s football final match between Du an and Lien Quan 2 (including Audit Department 3 and Audit Department 7) ended with a 1-0 win for Lien Quan 2, this is the first time they qualified for a final match and successfully won the trophy. Striker Tran Minh Tien who scored the only goal in the final match earned the golden boot award with total ten goals in the league; Silver medal and Bronze medal are belong to Du an and Audit Department 1; Golden glove award belongs to Dao Trong Phu – Du an’s goalkeeper. The championship title not only based on the hardworking between the two Audit Departments but we can look forward to their close cooperation in terms of high audit and consulting service quality.

Women’s football final match between Hoa Mai and Hoa Dao has drawn lots of attention of supporters. The final result was 3-1 win for Hoa Mai. The silver medal belongs to Hoa Dao; Hoa Hong seized the third position. Ngo Bao Tram - Hoa Mai team and Nguyen Thi Duyen - Hoa Dao team both share the golden boot award; Golden glove award belongs to Bui Thi Hien – Hoa Mai’s goalkeeper. Especially, Tran Thi Thao Anh – Hoa Mai team made her crown as the Miss AASC Women’s Cup 2019, the 1st Runner-Up is Le Thi Tram – Hoa Dao team and the 2nd Runner-Up is Tran Thi Linh – Hoa Phuong team.

Nguyen Anh Ngoc – Head of Audit Department 6 said that AASC Cup is useful playground for AASC, especially Women football matches brought exotic and exciting atmosphere for all the audiences. Through this event, AASC members had a chance to improve their physical abilities, thus expressing the unique culture of AASC.

AASC Cup 2019 ended with interesting fixtures. AASC’s Women players proved and showed how beautiful and skillful they were on the field, and the owner of the AASC Men’s Cup 2019 has been awarded to the new team.

Photos of the event:

2019 11 05 AASCCUP 001

2019 11 05 AASCCUP 002

2019 11 05 AASCCUP 003

2019 11 05 AASCCUP 004

2019 11 05 AASCCUP 005

2019 11 05 AASCCUP 006

2019 11 05 AASCCUP 007

2019 11 05 AASCCUP 008

2019 11 05 AASCCUP 009