AASC Participated in Voluntary Blood Donor Day 2017

In response to the campaign “Voluntary Blood Donor Day” 2017 held by the Youth Union of Ministry of Finance in collaboration with National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion under Official Letter No. 142-KH/ĐTN-BTC, on 06 September 2017, at the Ministry of Finance’s headquarter, nearly 30 members of AASC volunteered with the highest spirit. Every member of AASC participated in the campaign has highlighted the traditional solidarity “The good leaves protect the worn-out leaves” of Vietnam, thus spreading the image and responsibility of AASC not only in Auditing, Accounting and Consulting field, but also raising the awareness of the community.

At the campaign, AASC proudly received the flag by the Youth Union of Ministry of Finance for what AASC have done for the community sake. All leaders, auditors and staffs of AASC not only focus on the development of AASC, maintaining the leading role of the company’s image among auditing Vietnamese firms, but also actively involved in the social activities.

Photos of Voluntary Blood Donor Day 2017:

2017-09-11 HienMau01

2017-09-11 HienMau02

2017-09-11 HienMau03