Publicize business activities of gasoline and electricity

( - On 5/6, a specialized page of “Publicize, disclose business activities of electricity and gasoline” was officially launched on e-portal of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) at:

The function of this specialized page is to provide to the people and businesses full and timely legal documents related to the monitoring price, business activities of power and gasoline; information and data related to the price of electricity and gasoline such as retail prices, base prices, world prices, factors and costs forming prices, etc…; and report on business results of enterprises.

The page is to help people and enterprises to monitor the operation of producing gasoline and electricity of enterprises, as well as management activities of the State agencies.

According to the Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang, although the State agencies regularly organize inspection and monitoring activities in the field of electricity, gasoline and publicize available information about the business and production of these enterprises; however, a lot of information have not been publicized and disclosed fully due to lacking of a systematical and continuous implementation.

This publicity activity of the MOIT will gradually overcome deficiencies and shortcomings in the previous time, facilitate people to access a full and impartial business situation of the two industries, and understand the reason of purchase prices of electricity and gasoline.

In the time coming, the MOIT continues to direct relevant units in coordination with e-portal of the Ministry to implement seriously and timely the activities of publicizing information via the specialized page “Publicize and dislcose business activities of electricity and gasoline".

Source: e-portal of the Vietnamese Government.