JICA wants to accelerate water-related projects in Dong Nai

NDO/VNA – The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) met with the leaders of southern Dong Nai province, on July 10, to work on the progress of Japan-funded water supply and drainage projects. Phase I of the NhonTrach water supply project, using Japan’s ODA loan, became operational in 2014, generating 100,000 cu.m. of water per day.
Dong Nai is currently carrying out phase II of the project, funded with approximately JPY15 billion (US$131.3 million) loaned by JICA, which will raise the daily capacity to 200,000 cu.m. of water.
The provincial People’s Committee said procedures are being processed for the construction of phase II and theconsultation and design activities, carried out by variousJapanese businesses, are expected to finish by the end of 2017. Later, the construction package deal will be put out to tender.
Shu Kitamura, a representative of the JICA Vietnam Office, said phase II of the NhonTrach project will pilot high-quality technologies. Hence, JICA wants all steps of the project, from consultation and design to construction,to meet all the necessary requirements.
Meanwhile, the water drainage and wastewater treatment project in Bien Hoa city costs more than JPY45 billion (US$393.9 million) in total, including JPY38 billion US$(332.6 million) funded through Japan’s ODA.
Shu Kitamura said the loan agreement for this project will be signed in late July 2017. JICA wants Dong Nai province to accelerate the selection of consultancies and design partners, as well as necessary procedures, so that the project will be carried out as soon as possible.
The management board for projects in Dong Nai said the consultancy and design partner selection for the Bien Hoa project is set to complete in mid-October.
Bien Hoa city hasn’t had a wastewater treatment system and all of the daily wastewater is still directly released into the Dong Nai River, which is a source of water supply for some 20 million people. Flooding is also becoming more and more serious in the city.