New regulations on auto transportation business

The Government issued Decree No. 86/2014/ND-CP providing new regulations on conditions for car transportation.

Van tai bang oto

Taxi driver must print invoice

Since 1/7/2015, for car from 10 seats or more, enterprises engaged in auto transportation business must inform Transportation Department where transport license is granted about itinerary, number of guests, pickup points, and duration of contract before implementing a transportation contract or a travel contract.

Since 1/7/2016, enterprises are required to install invoice-printing devices stick to cash clock in taxi and taxi drivers must print invoice and handover customers.

Regarding conditions for auto transportation business: Transport enterprises must register car transport certificate, guarantee technical safety and install tracking device on vehicles as regulated. Service staff must be trained in travel knowledge according to transport law and relevant statutory regulations.

Additionally, transport enterprises must possess vehicles with tracking devices, install computer with internet connection, supervise and handle information displayed in tracking devices, supervise traffic safety, etc.

Converted cars are not allowed to carry tourists

Duration: Passenger cars with 10 seats or more are allowed to operate in 15 years for journeys over 300 km (since 1/1/2016, converted cars are not allowed to carry passengers), and 20 years for journeys of 300 km or less. For vehicles converted to passenger cars before 1/1/2002, the duration is 17 years.

The duration for taxi is 8 years at special urban areas and 12 years at other localities.

The duration for tourist vehicles is 15 years and converted cars are not allowed to carry tourists.

Additionally, in cases transport enterprises do not perform transport services according to business certificate, over 50% of drivers breach transport law causing serious accidents in a year, repeat an offence against transport law and condition for car transportation causing serious accidents, the business certificate may be revoked.

Source: Web Portal of the Government