Organization and operation of Vietnam Public-utility telecommunication service fund

Vietnam Public-Utility Telecommunication Service Fund (hereinafter called “the Fund”) is a State financial institution under the Ministry of Information and Communications, established to support the implementation of the State's policies on the provision of public-utility telecommunication services nationwide.

Decision No. 11/2014/QD-TTg which is recently issued by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung guides the organization and operation of Vietnam Public-Utility Telecommunication Service Fund.

Accordingly, the Fund will manage financial resources to effectively support public-utility telecommuni­cation service programs; perform the tasks assigned by the Ministry of Information and Communications to coordinate with entities of MOF to organize programs, plans and projects on the provision of public-utility telecommunication services; ensure the right to access telecommunications services for all citizens.

The fund will support loans for telecommunication and Internet enterprises to invest in the construction, upgrade or expand telecommunication and Internet infrastructure and other material foundations in public-utility telecommunication services.

The Fund will support investment in the development of telecommunications infrastructure nationwide, prioritizing infrastructure broadband telecommunications services in rural areas, especially remote areas in extremely difficult, border and island areas where telecommunication enterprises do not operate effectively according to the market mechanism.

Additionally, the fund will ensure the equal right to access telecommunications services to all citizens by providing points of public telecommunications services, particularly in remote areas in extremely difficulties, border and islands, where it is difficult or impossible to set up infrastructure network due to the high investment cost compared to low income of people.

From time to time, the Fund will also support the poor, marginal poverty family and social policy households nationwide to reach public telecommunication services by supporting the price.

Telecommunication enterprises must contribute to the Fund.

The Fund could call for and receive capital from domestic, overseas and other legal organizations to support programs and projects as well as the performance of the task of providing public-utility telecommunication services efficiently.

Annually, the Fund may deduct a portion of enterprise’s contributions to invest in infrastructure, the regular operation and the management of public telecommunications program. The portion will not exceed 5% of the total revenue pursuant to guidance of MOF

Regarding to telecommunication companies which provide services as list of public-utility telecommunication services approved by the Prime Minister must make financial contributions of revenue with concretely up to 5% to the Fund.