The issuance of Decree on management, use and provide Internet service and online information

On 15/07/2013, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung signed the decision to issue Decree No. 72/2013/ND-CP on the Government on management and use of Internet services and online information. This Decree also elaborates on the assurance of information safety and security, organization’s and individual’s rights and obligations to the management, the provision and use of Internet services, online information, online games, etc.

Accordingly, the Decree has implemented the development and management policies of Internet and online information as follows: To encourage the use of Internet in all economic and social activities, especially in education, health care, and scientific research to improve productivity; To encourage the development of Vietnamese contents and applications to serve Vietnamese community on Internet and enhance the upload of healthy and useful information to Internet; To develop broadband Internet infrastructure in schools, hospitals, research institutes, libraries, state agencies, enterprises, public Internet stations, and households. Focus on the provision of Internet services in rural areas, remote areas, bordering areas, islands; To prevent the abuse of the Internet to threaten national security, social order and safety; To encourage and facilitate the use of “.vn" domain names, domain names in Vietnamese, and the conversion to addresses using IPv6 technology (hereinafter called IPv6 technology). To intensify international cooperation in Internet on the basis of mutual benefits, etc.

Enterprises may provide internet services after obtaining the license to provide internet services.

This Decree takes effect from 01/09/2013.