Legal updates - January 2022

AASC would like to introduce readers the Newsletter No. 01/ 2022 as reference including the following important highlights:

Tax Policy

  • Amending and supplementing a number of guidelines on VAT, PIT and tax management for business households and individuals
    Regulations on the rate of a number of fees and charges to support and remove difficulties for those affected by the Covid-19 epidemic
    Extension of the deadline for paying excise tax on domestically manufactured or assembled cars
    Official tax replies

Regulation on Securities

  • Annuling the guidance on financial regimes for securities companies and fund management companies
    Amending Decree prescribing penalties for administrative violations against regulations on securities and securities market

Other regulation 

  • Detailing a number of articles of the Law on Real Estate Business
    Manage and use of revenues from conversion of ownership of enterprises, public non-business units, revenues from the transfer of state capital and the difference in equity capital and the charter capital at enterprises
    Amending and supplementing a number of guidelines on the transfer of the right to represent the state owner at the State Capital Investment Corporation
    Guiding the setting up and management of salary, remuneration and bonus for the head of the Supervisory Board and supervisors at one-member limited liability companies with 100% charter capital held by the State
    Extending the period of retention of goods at duty-free shops and storage facilities of enterprises selling duty-free goods, and goods sent to bonded warehouses, meeting covid-19 prevention and control requirements

Download attached file: Newsletter No. 01/2022