Legal updates - June 2022

AASC would like to introduce readers the Newsletter No. 06/ 2022 as reference including the following important highlights:

Tax Policy

  • Excise tax deferral for domestically manufactured or assembled automobiles
    Deferral of value-added tax (VAT), corporate income tax, personal income tax and land rents in 2022
    Official tax replies

Regulation on State Management 

  • Regulations on management and use of revenues and expenditures during investor selection
    Circular on pro forma financial statements
    Circular prescribing fees and charges payable in securities sector, collection, transfer, management and use thereof
    Guidance on handing over, receiving and handling debts and assets excluded when converting ownership of enterprises or public non-business units
    Decree on interest subsidies provided by state budget for loans of enterprises, cooperatives, and household businesses
    Newly issued consolidated documents

Download attached file: Newsletter No. 06/2022