Legal updates - August & September 2022

AASC would like to introduce readers the Newsletter No. 08+09/ 2022 as reference including the following important highlights:

Tax Policy

  • Amending and supplementing a number of regulations on value-added tax
    Tax reply documents

Regulation on State Management 

  • Guidelines on foreign exchange management for the issuance of bonds to the international market by enterprises not guaranteed by the Government
    Regulations on construction, management and use of information systems on housing and real estate market
    Regulations on sanctioning of administrative violations in the field of environmental protection
    Guidance on implementing a number of things about compulsory insurance in construction investment activities
    Guidance on accounting regime applied to social and charity activities
    Regulations on management and depreciation of road traffic infrastructure assets as fixed assets
    Newly promulgated laws and consolidated documents

Download attached file: Newsletter 08+09/2022