Legal updates - February 2024

AASC Auditing Firm respectfully invites you to refer to the Newsletter No. 01. 2024, which includes the following important updates:

Policy of tax:

Value added tax reduction policy according to the Resolution of the National Assembly
Promulgating Vietnam's Special Preferential Tariff to implement the Agreement to promote bilateral trade between Vietnam and Cambodia for the period 2023 - 2024
Official tax reply

Regulations on State Management

Amending and supplementing regulations on capital adequacy ratios for banks and foreign bank branches.
Amending a number of regulations on guidelines for converting state-owned enterprises and single-member limited liability companies with 100% state-owned charter capital under the Ministry of National Defense into Joint Stock Companies and guidelines for the transfer of state-owned capital shares in joint-stock companies where the Ministry of National Defense is the representative owner.
Amending the method for calculating illegal earnings and illegal profits obtained from committing violations of securities laws and the securities market.

Please see details by following the link: legal documents newsletter No. 2, 2024