Newsletter no 11-2017

AASC would like to invite the readers to use the Newsletter No. 11 as reference including the following important highlights:
- Tax policies and guidance documents
- State management regulations, including:
+ Completion, enforcement of implementation of regulations on investment and exploitation of transport constructions under the form BOT
+ Regulations on order, procedures, amount that corporate legal entity must pay to ensure enforcement of criminal judgments, duration of temporary detention, refund, submit to the State budget the amount already paid
+ Guidance on management of salary, remuneration and bonus payment to head supervisor and supervisor of single member limited liability company of which charter capital is wholly owned by the State
- Management of activities on securities market, including:
+ Guidance on corporate governance of public companies
+ Guidance on supervision of securities transactions on the securities market
+ Guidance on supervision of compliance of State Securities Commission with securities activities of Stock exchange, Securities Depository Center of Vietnam
+ Guidance on settlement of administrative violations of securities sector and securities market.

Download attached file: Newsletter No 11.2017