Newsletter No. 01.2019

AASC would like to invite the readers to use the Newsletter No. 01 2019 as reference including the following important highlights:
- Amending, supplementing guidance on the implementation of number of articles of the Law on Environmental Protection Tax
- Private tax rulings
- Other regulations including:
+ Regulations on e-transactions in financial operations
+ Regulations on issuance of corporate bond
+ The program of cutting costs for enterprises
+ Regulations on self-inspection of compliance with the labor law performed by enterprises
+ Guidance on repurchase, swap of the Government’s debt instrument, bonds issued under the Government’s guarantee and issuance of municipal bonds in the domestic market
+ Amending tariff of charges for payment services via the State Bank of Vietnam
+ Guidance on determination of State capital in equitized enterprises regarding credit institutions
+ Guidance on conversion of foreign currency procedures by the State bank for the projects guaranteed or undertaken by the Government.

Download attached file: Newsletter No. 01.2019