Newsletter No. 02.2019

AASC would like to invite the readers to use the Newsletter No. 02 2019 as reference including the following important highlights:

- Private tax rulings
- Regulations on accounting, auditing including:
+ Regulations on internal audit carried out by state regulatory authorities, state-owned public service units and enterprises
+ Guidance on accounting of Social Insurance
+ Guidance on accounting regimes of extra-small enterprises
- Regulations on Credit, Securities
+ Regulations on time limits, processes and procedures for transition applied to cases in which major shareholders of a credit institution and related persons thereof own shares equaling at least 5% of charter capital of another credit institution
+ Regulations on prices of services in securities
- General Provisions on Enterprise Operations
+ Regulations on the exercise of rights, responsibilities of the State owner.
+ Amendments and supplement to some provisions on guidance on enterprise registration

Download attached file: Newsletter No. 02.2019