AASC qualified as the shortlisted firm for projects funded by the Bread for the World

In October 2018, AASC has been officially recognized by the Bread for the World (“BfdW”) as the shortlisted firm for providing the professional audit service for projects funded by the BdfW in Vietnam and Laos.

The evaluation process for qualified auditing firms has been officially implemented by the BfdW in Vietnam for the first time since May 2018. This includes a number of rigorous, professional procedures in accordance with the BfdW’s policies throughout the questionnaires to the demonstration of firms’ competences and experience, face-to-face interview and hands-on training.

Being a qualified firm in the shortlist of the BfdW is one of the proofs for the AASC’s service quality and brand reputation. As a result of the admission, AASC also wishes to actively support the BfdW's operations in Vietnam and Laos.

About the Bread for the World:

The Bread for the World (“BfdW”) is a German non-governmental organization - a reliable partner of the German Protestant Church, operating under the guiding principles of sustainable development, environmental protection, respect for self-reliant spirit and preservation of cultural identity of local partners in more than 90 countries around the world.

BfdW grants funding for projects in Primary Care (Public Health Volunteer Training), Small Business Education Support, Education (Providing scholarships for gifted students from low-income families; scholarships and other forms of assistance for study abroad for project partners, university professors and other professionals); Agriculture (Encouraging the poor, promotion of plant protection, construction of agroforestry models); Irrigation (Restoration of existing irrigation systems and establishment of water user groups); Integrated Development (Training on culture, agriculture, clean water, gender, etc.).

Besides the BftW, AASC is one of the first firms qualified in the“Shortlist” of the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank to provide professional services for projects funded by such organizations in Vietnam.

2018 11 21 BdfW 01

2018 11 21 BdfW 02