On the occasion of the 96th anniversary of Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day (June 21), the 14th anniversary of the first meeting of the AASC Board of Directors (June 21), the Editorial Board would like to introduce Letter from Chairman of the Board of Members Ngo Duc Doan to members of the Board, colleagues of AASC Auditing Firm Co., Ltd.

Dear AASC Members,

In the atmosphere the whole Company is proud of, there are many forms of celebrating the 30th anniversary of AASC's establishment, also the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Independent Auditing Industry (May 13, 1991- May 13, 2021), thereby drawing many valuable lessons about the success and achievements of AASC and development orientation for the next period. At the same time, let AASC staff, auditors love the Company more, love the Audit industry more, and shine and devote more to the profession. A decisive factor for the achievements of the past 30 years that will also be a decisive factor for the future is that the AASC Board of Directors has gone down in history and has been recorded in the book on Auditing Profession and Auditor titled “AASC – 30 years of history and memory” written according to the vivid and diverse events of AASC Auditing Firm Co., Ltd, formerly known as Consulting Services Company in Finance, Accounting and Auditing – Ministry of Finance - The first accounting and auditing company in the country that still exists and develops strongly, is an example and model for Vietnamese intelligence, bravery and audit brand.

On the occasion of the first AASC Member's General Assembly (June 21, 2007), which is also the Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day, towards the 15th anniversary of AASC's transformation from a state-owned enterprise into a multi-member limited liability company (July 2, 2007 - July 2, 2022), I would like to send to the Members of the Board of Directors of the Company, Leaders of the units, colleagues, comrades, teammates, deep thanks and pride for solidarity, efforts to set up achievements, accumulate the glorious and proud achievements of AASC over three decades of operation.

Wishing you and your family good health, happiness, consensus to successfully realize the aspiration to develop AASC worthy of the title of the first established company, "the leader in the system of auditing firms in Vietnam”, accompanying the Independent Auditing and Valuation Sector to develop strongly, contributing to the building of a socialist rule of law state.

Hanoi, June 21, 2021
Ngo Duc Doan
Chairman of AASC's Board of Directors