Party work Summary Conference 2021 Party cell 6 - AASC Party Committee

Implementing Official Document No. 440-CV/DU dated November 25, 2021 of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Finance and the plan of AASC Party Committee on the review of Party work in 2021, in the afternoon of December 3, 2021 at AASC Headquarters, Party cell 6 (Investment Finalization and Project Auditing Department) has successfully organized the Conference to summarize party work of 2021 and set out directions, tasks and solutions for 2022. Attending and directing the conference were Mr. Ngo Duc Doan - Chairman of the Board of Members/Member of Party cell 6, and Ms. Do Thi Ngoc Dung - Secretary of the Party Committee/Deputy General Director of AASC.

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Tran Viet Anh, Secretary of Party cell 6 presented a report summarizing the Party's work in 2021 and outlined directions, tasks and solutions for 2022. All party members of party cell 6 have actively discussed and contributed many practical ideas.

Speaking at the Conference, in the context that Vietnam and the world are heavily affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic and the strong impact of policy mechanisms and competition in the industry, AASC Party Committee Secretary Do Thi Ngoc Dung has recognized and assessed the business results and quality of the work of the Party members of the Investment Finalization Audit Department and the Project Audit Department, as well as the work results of the 6th Party cell in the year 2021. Then, Chairman of AASC's Board of Members Ngo Duc Doan presented the Resolution of the 15th AASC Auditing Firm's General Meeting of Members to the Conference and encouraged and assigned Party members to promote AASC's resources and culture, the achievement of 30 years of operation of AASC, at the same time maintained the leading rank in revenue from audit services in Vietnam, contributing more to the development of the Company and the Vietnam Independent Audit Industry, Vietnam Appraisal Industry.

Some pictures from the conference: