Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

As a custom, every Mid-Autumn Festival, AASC Auditing Firm Co., Ltd. jubilantly organizes the Full Moon Night so that families and children can exchange, meet and have fun, break the feast and participate in events. healthy physical activity. This year, at the Youth Theater No. 11 Ngo Thi Nham - Hanoi, on the evening of September 9, 2022, the Full Moon Festival with the musical "Vaxilixa and the Wicked Witch" took place with the participation of a large number of people. Parents and children of the Company's employees. At the same time, the Organizing Committee was also honored to welcome representatives of the Board of General Directors and many leaders of the units to join the fun.

Speaking at the night, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the Company's Party Committee, Ms. Do Thi Ngoc Dung - Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy General Director spoke and wished the children good health and study. well, worthy to be the future owner of the country, of AASC Auditing Firm and wish you all a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival with your family, relatives and friends.

With the cheerful colors of children's songs, along with the humor and grace of Uncle Cuoi when leading the program, the festival created an atmosphere of excitement and excitement, evoking joy in the heart. children and received enthusiastic response from everyone. The children participated in answering many fun quizzes, and watched the unique dragon dance performance imbued with traditional culture, creating a bustling and jubilant atmosphere.

The highlight of the program was the musical "Vaxilixa and the Wicked Witch" performed by professional artists of the Theater, which brought a humane message about a mother's boundless love for her children. In addition, along with the wit and grace of the actors, they aroused excitement and joy for all the children. Through this program, AASC gave the children a useful playground suitable for their age and helped them feel the traditional beauty of the Mid-Autumn Festival of the nation. Best wishes to all children and parents. The audit firm AASC also hopes to see them again, along with many more, during the Mid-Autumn Festival next year.

Some pictures of the program:

trung thu 1

trung thu 2

trung thu 3

trung thu 4