AASC and the aspiration "color of the flag, color of the shirt" Audit Vietnam

Vietnam's independent audit industry was born in 1991 with two companies established by the Ministry of Finance, including the former Auditing and Financial Consulting Services Company (AASC), which is AASC Auditing Firm today. It can be said that AASC is an important factor in bringing independent audit, from an unprecedented type in Vietnam, to now being affirmed as an indispensable need in improving the quality of corporate management. According to Mr. Ngo Duc Doan - Chairman of AASC's Board of Directors, people are the core factor that helps AASC gradually develop and narrow the gap with major international auditing firms in Vietnam.

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After nearly 32 years of operation and 16 years of model transformation, what are your concerns about AASC and the independent audit industry?

Accounting and Financial Consulting Services Company (AASC) – Former Ministry of Finance, AASC Auditing Firm Co., Ltd today is one of the two first established Vietnamese audit firms in Vietnam. . With the point of view of "integration" but not "dissolving", AASC's Board of Directors has steadfastly "built a Vietnamese audit firm" up from the internal resources of Lac Hong's descendants. There is no advantage when newly established, going through many ups and downs, thanks to the consensus of AASC lovers, red address number 1 Le Phung Hieu, Hanoi, the company has taken steps today. steady.

Economic fluctuations and deepening digital transformation are posing great challenges for international integration with auditing work in Vietnam. Therefore, the long-term vitality of AASC and the desire to develop the company for a "color of flag and color" audit in Vietnam are always our concerns.

How do you assess the current state of the audit industry?

In the context of international integration, the provision of information to help transparent the market and the economy through accounting and auditing activities is increasingly important. The industrial revolution 4.0 taking place will have a strong impact on all fields in general, and the field of auditing and appraisal in particular. Currently, the auditing profession is also undergoing continuous innovation; Vietnamese auditing standards are continuing to improve. The team of auditors in Vietnam is growing in quantity and improving in quality. However, in the face of new circumstances, especially in order to successfully implement the objectives set out in the Strategy of Accounting - Auditing to 2030 according to Decision No. 633/QD-TTg dated May 23, 2022 of the Government , I think it is necessary to synchronously deploy many solutions in the near future, in which the human element is the core.

How is this factor being associated with building corporate culture that AASC pursues, sir?

At AASC, people are the most valuable asset, determining the success and development of the Company. Each individual will always be fully aware of, a positive attitude, towards a common goal, working wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly, without profit, always sympathizing, sharing and protecting the legitimate interests of customers. , of the Firm and of the Auditing Industry.

For deep integration, it can be seen that one of the factors contributing to the success of today's market leaders is building corporate culture. With AASC, we focus on training and fostering human resources in professional and specialized fields, especially in cultivating professional ethics, inspiring employees through our commitment to implementing the standard system of Standards. professional behavior standards. In 2013, AASC's Code of Conduct was first released under the name "Cultural Handbook" to guide individual behavior towards business philosophy; preserve and promote the core values that AASC generations have worked hard to cultivate, based on the 5 foundations of "Transparency - Independence - Understanding - Trust - Sustainability". Since then committed: "Honesty - Prestige" and "Full meaning - Integrity" in order to cultivate and train AASC people, develop the Company strongly.

In my opinion, corporate culture is stronger than any KPI or specific management regulations, for the management apparatus to operate and smoothly match. This is also the internal strength that many partners and modern business managers in the world consider as a factor that will take the business further.

It is known that in 2022, VCCI has announced the Vietnam Code of Business Ethics and launched it in the business community. Surely in the coming time, AASC will accompany VCCI to develop and humanize the entrepreneurial culture to become an indispensable part of the business environment.

Sincerely thank you!

According to Bao Ngoc (Vietnam Business Forum)