AASC visits and works with HLB International in the UK

Following the direction of the AASC Board of Member, within the framework of a working visit to the UK, on the morning of June 8, 2023, the delegation of AASC Auditing Firm visited and worked with HLB International in London , UK. Welcoming and talking with AASC, HLB International's representatives included Ms. Coco Ke Liu - Asia Pacific Regional Director cum Head of HLB Global Sales Channel, Mr. Abu Bakkar in charge of innovation and Ms. Lesley Homung, in charge of Marketing.

On this occasion, Head of Supervisory Board Hoang Thuy Nga, Head of Secretariat Nguyen Lan Anh represented the delegation to inform about the continuous development of AASC over 32 years of operation, especially the The success and achievements achieved after 15 years of transformation from a SOE into a limited liability company with two or more members, have actively contributed to the development of the independent audit industry in Vietnam.

With the attention and cooperation of HLB internationally, since 2011 and especially after the 2016 HLB International Conference in Vietnam, after more than three decades of contributions to the Independent Auditing Industry, at present, Along with the Big 4 Auditing Firms operating in Vietnam, AASC is one of the 5 dynamic Auditing Firms with the largest annual revenue, customer system, number of Auditors and employees. At the same time, Ms. Coco Ke Liu updated HLB's development strategy, HLB's current global position and shared opportunities that AASC members can exploit. According to the latest assessment today, HLB International has changed its ranking position and moved up to 10th place globally. At the end of the meeting, once again, HLB expressed its appreciation to welcome the AASC delegation and hoped that AASC would continue to participate more strongly and deeply as a prestigious and active member of the HLB international in Vietnam.

Some photos of the workshop:


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