AASC Audit Reports are blooming as flowers in March

Anh hoa bao cao kiem toan 1For many Vietnamese people, March is generally regarded as the month to praise and honor the woman and the youth. For AASC members, March also means the month to issue our financial statements audited. We consider each of issued audit report as a flower to express our passionate love for AASC. In March, auditors, officers and the whole staff of AASC have excitingly emulated towards the celebration of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union’s establishment day and one year of launching ceremony of AASC Auditing Firm (17/05/2013-17/05/2014), rebranding Auditing and Accounting Financial Consultancy Company Limited (AASC) into AASC Auditing Firm and marking a new glorious milestone in the development of the company.

As statistics of all departments, units and branches, in March, AASC has issued over 1,000 audit reports nationwide like 1,000 fragrant blooming flowers. The scent of flowers illustrated our sentiment for AASC, the pure color of flowers implied the loyalty of all AASC staff to AASC family and AASC building at No. 1 Le Phung Hieu street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi. At AASC, the Youth is encouraged and facilitated to reach their full potential and greatly contribute to auditing and consulting profession.

On the celebration of the 83rd anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (26/03/1931-26/03/2014) and one year of launching ceremony of AASC Auditing Firm (17/05/2013-17/05/2014), AASC wishes that all auditors and AASC staff will always be healthy, energetic and continue contributing significantly to the firm and stable development of AASC.

Anh hoa bao cao kiem toan 2