AASC Chairman of the Member Board, General Director's speech at the ceremony marking 24th anniversary of AASC establishment (13/05/1991-13/05/2015)

To commemorate the 24th anniversary of the establishment of AASC Auditing Firm Company Limited, as well as the establishment of the Vietnamese Independent Auditing Sector, the Editorial Board publishes in honor the speech of Mr.Ngo Duc Doan- AASC Chairman of the Member Board, Secretary Committee Party, and General Director as bellows:





Dear former leaders from Ministry of Finance and Finance Departments,  

Dear distinguished guests,

Dear the members of the Member Board, the Leader of AASC Auditing Firm and colleagues,

There are number of milestones commemorating the historic May. For the world, on 1/5-the International Labour Day, 09/05/1945-the Red Army defeated Nazi Germany. For Vietnam, on 19/05/1890 celebrated the birthday of Ho Chi Minh President; on 09/05/1954 saw the Dien Bien Phu victory. For AASC Auditing Firm (known as Auditing and Accounting Financial Consultancy Services Limited Company before) on 13/05/1991 marked the foundation of the Company since Mr. Hoang Quy- Former Minister of Finance signed the establishment decision. Further, 02/05/2007, AASC held a successful auction to transform AASC from a State-owned enterprise into a Limited company with more than two members. 17/05/2013 is the date of publication of the company’s brand and renamed as AASC Auditing Firm Company Limited.

24 years ago on 21/09/1991, Mr. Ho Te-Former Finance Minister held a press conference at the Hall of Finance Academy - located at number 8, Phan Huy Chu -   introducing the establishment of the first two companies of Vietnam Independent Auditing Profession: ASC Accounting Service Company and VACO Auditing Service Company. Also at this historic place, 8 years ago, on 26/03/2007, Mr. Tran Van Ta-Former Standing Finance Deputy Minister and Leaders of Ministry of Finance signed the decision implementing procedures to transform business structure from Auditing and Accounting Financial Consultancy Services Limited Company into a Limited company with more than two members, as AASC Auditing Firm Company Limited today. On 13/05/2015, AASC Party, AASC Board of Members and Board of Directors held a ceremony marking 24th anniversary of the establishment of both AASC Auditing Firm and Vietnam Independent Auditing Profession (13/05/1991-13 05/2015), 8 years of organizing successful auctions (02/05/2007 - 02/05/2015) and 2 years of introducing the new brand AASC (17/05/2013-17/05/2015).

Dear distinguished guests,

Dear AASC’s Board of Members, and colleagues,  

Through 24 years of operation with16 years is a State-owned enterprise under the leadership and guidance of the Ministry of Finance, 8 years is a Limited company with more than two members, AASC today deserves as the leader of Vietnam Auditing Company Profession. AASC and its members achieve many honor awards from the Party and State: 1st place Labor Medal, 2nd place Labor Medal and 3rd place Labor Medal, Government’s Emulation Flag. Beside that are the Merit from the Prime Minister, Emulation Flag and Merit from Minister of Finance as well as from Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee, the award of Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants (VACPA), Vietnam Union of Science & Technology Association (VUSTA) for outstanding achievements of:

1. Leading in annual revenue

2. Increasing in annual amount to State Budget

3. Leading in settlement reports of completed projects

4. Nearly100 Auditors in which nine of them have International Certificate: ACCA, CPA Australia, and CPA US and a number of Pricing Appraisers who have professional skills, and business ethics  

5. Expanding Audit, Valuation and Advisory services, etc

6. Cooperation, competition with the Big 4 Group operating in Vietnam

7. Cooperation, assistance for other Vietnam Auditing Firms

AASC always cherishes, preserves and promotes the image and tradition of an auditing and accounting company, which is the first and leading company established in Vietnam by Ministry of Finance in the field. AASC responded positively and greatly contributed to Vietnam Independent Auditing Profession, Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants (VACPA), Vietnam Association of Accountants and Auditors, Vietnam Valuation Association (VAA) and Vietnam Tax Consultants' Association (VTCA).

Towards the celebration of this glorious traditional day (13/05/1991), AASC Board of Members, AASC Party Committee and the Board of Directors would like to express a deep gratitude to the Generation Leadership of Ministry of Finance, clients, partners and distinguished guests who attend the meeting today.

Wish the Ministry of Finance’s former leaders, distinguished guests healthy, happy and we hope to receive more encouragement and assistance from all.

Wish AASC Member Council, colleagues healthy to perform and accomplish successfully assigned tasks towards sustainable development and prosperity of AASC.

Thank you all for your attendance!