AASC cooperated with "1C Community" and 1 VS Company open a conference guiding new enterprise accounting regime

Recently, in Hanoi, AASC Auditing firm had collaborated with 1C Community and 1 VS company organizing a seminar  "Guidance on the enterprise accounting regime in accordance with Circular No 200/2014 / TT-BTC (referred to as Circular 200) to assist businesses in general administration and financial risk management.

The congress was attended by prestigious and experienced speaker Ms. Ha Thi Ngoc Ha-Deputy Director of Accounting and Auditing Regulators Department- Ministry of Finance, Vice President-Head of Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants (VACPA). 1C Community, AASC Auditing Firm Company, 1 VS company, and about 300 guests who working under Finance and Accounting field.

Circular 200 marked changes in both thinking and approaches in order to bridge the gap between Vietnam’s accounting standard and international. Therefore, the Circular challenges not just for accountants in corporate governance in general but accounting system in particular. Through this seminar, speakers Ms.Ha Thi Ngoc Ha had shared and guided the new content of the Circular as well as address obstacles which enterprises facing, thereby assissting firms apply a new accounting regime in an effective manner.

At the seminar, the Deputy General Director of AASC Auditing Firm, Mr. Do Manh Cuong expressed his attitude toward the success of the Seminar because it had helped many enterprises overcome troubles in order to implement the new content. Also, he confirmed that AASC Auditing Firm always strives to provide professional services to customers. In the future, the AASC Auditing Firm will continue to coordinate with other units to organize more useful seminars and training courses which lead enterprises enhancing the efficiency of financial management and accounting regime towards the objective of sustainable development andprosperity. 

Pictures at the Congress:    

Hoi thao TT200 Anh 1   Speaker Ms Ha Thi Ngoc Ha talking about new contents of Circular 200

Hoi thao TT200 Anh 2     Deputy General Director of AASC Do Manh Cuong gave a speech at the Congress