A sporting event was undertaken to mark the 70th anniversary of Vietnam finance sector

On July 13 2015, Ministry of Finance trade union organised a sporting event to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Vietnam finance sector (28/08/1945-28/08/2015) at the stadium in Cau Giay District. The tournament takes place over 4 days from July 13 -14, 2015; and from July 20-21, 2015. It gathered more than 400 amateur athletes, who coming from 36 units of the Ministry, the General Department, Enterprises under the Ministry of Finance and the Hanoi Department’s Finance agency such as: Finance Department, Tax Department, Customs Department, the State Treasury, the State reserve Bureau, AASC Auditing Firm, etc. They played in 3 sets subjects including table tennis, badminton, tennis. The Vice Minister-president of the Trade Union of Finance, Vu Thi Mai attended and spoke at the opening ceremony.

Even during the period of semi-annual audit, but AASC Auditing Firm had responded positively and created favorable conditions for the athletes participating with the spirit of exchange of learning, physical exercise as well as desire for enhancing the alignment with other units. The company’s athletes delegation consists of 6 members competed in 4 categories of competition under the table tennis and badminton.

End of tournament, auditor assistant, Pham Ngoc Ha (auditor assistant of Audit Department 5) had won the second prize of the badminton men’s singles, and Ms.Tran Thi Mai Huong (Audit Department 5) won the third prize of the table tennis women’s singles. These proudly results became the premise and motivation for AASC  to accomplish more in the future.

Photos of the event

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Vice Minister - President of Trade Union of Ministry of Finance - Vu Thi Mai spoke at the event

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 President of Trade Union gave flowers to AASC's athletes

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Pham Ngoc Ha won the second prize of Badminton men singles