Growing up under difficulties

On behalf of Audit Department No. 7, Senior Manager Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lan has reported results of the Department in the fiscal year IX, as well as advantages, opportunities, obstacles and challenges. In the fiscal year VIII, revenue of Audit Department No. 7 rose by 33%, ranking No.2. On this occasion, Senior Manager Nguyen Ngoc Lan showed his gratitude to General Director, Board of Directors in supporting Audit Department No. 7 to accomplish the assigned tasks and praised the efforts of all members of Audit Department No. 7 in contribution to the sustainable development of AASC.

Speaking at the Meeting, Chairman of the Board of Member – General Director of AASC, Mr. Ngo Duc Doan complimented Audit Department No. 7 on its excellent performance in the fiscal year IX. He also set target, directions for the Department in the next fiscal year and inspired people with AASC’s development.

The meeting was ended with number of repertoires, putting a highlight for the successful of the 9th fiscal year. Four years have passed and marked with efforts and proud achievements of Audit Department No. 7. For the upcoming years, the Audit Department No. 7 will commit to contribute more to the AASC’s growth.

Images at the Meeting:

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