10 milestones in 2016

1. Successfully organize the Ceremony of 25th anniversary of AASC (13/5/1991-13/5/2016)
The Ceremony of 25th anniversary of AASC named “AASC – 25 years with Pride and Aspiration” has been numerous of customers, national and international enterprises, to attend, recognized and highly appreciated. A quarter of the century has passed; AASC today is not only the results of 25 years with pride but also the aspirations of the coming years, and contribute to the strength of Vietnam Audit.

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2. HLB International Conference of the Asia - Pacific region to achieve good results
“Transnational investment - Challenges and Prospects” is the topic of LHB Conference 2016. The conference was the opportunity for Member States to exchange, to learn from each other's experience, to connect efficiently and to aim the business development. Besides, the conference recorded AASC’s role in the progress of International LHB and Vietnam Audit.

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3. Appointment of Deputy General Directors and key leaders
This is the company‘s honor and proud when the Deputy General Director Vu Xuan Bien and the Deputy General Director Pham Anh Tuan, the persons with bright and professional ethics in the contribution to the company were appointed. In parallel, in order to strengthen the human resource to carry out AASC’s development strategy in nowadays competitive situation, The General Director has appointed Mr. Ngo Minh Quy to be the Director of Ho Chi Minh Branch. Besides, at the 10th Congress of Board of Members, the Board has approved the appointment of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tu as the company Chief Accountant since 1st December 2016.

4. AASC coordinates with prestigious partners to organize diverse seminars
With the special subject of tax policy and accounting applied in enterprises, and of cloud computing technology in the activities of enterprise management; via the seminars, AASC answered the enterprise’s problems in the practical application of the new policy. At the same time, the company has promoted the communication and contributed to spread the image of AASC.

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5. Achieve high rank according to data from Ministry of Finance and VACPA
According to the data publish at the Conference of Audit Company Leaders in 2016, AASC has rated 5th rank by total revenue (right after Big 4), 1st rank by number of audit practitioners, 1st rank by revenue from valuation service, 1st rank by Audit of Project settlement report revenue. The first ranks by numerous activities criteria mark the important achievement and responsibility of AASC in the contribution to the strength of Vietnam Audit.

6. Successfully held the Conference of 9 years of implementation the services of Audit of project settlement report
Since the date of conversion of AASC into the limited liability company with two or more members, after 9 years of implementation the services of Audit of project settlement report (2007-2016), in consecutive years, AASC achieved 1st rank in the revenue of Audit of project settlement report, according to data from Ministry of Finance and VACPA, contributing to maintain his position on Audit of project settlement report in Vietnam independent audit.

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7. Opening of AASC office in Ho Chi Minh City
With a total area of 600m2 used for the purposes of management, administration and business, AASC is the only audit company holding the offices in both Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City. This event helped raise AASC’s brand and position for audit activities and consulting activities.

8. Development of experts’ team holding international certificate
In the year of 2016, AASC strengthen the training of auditors and auditor assistants towards the goal of building a professional staff team with good moral qualities, professional expertise, with the purpose of internationalize the certificates. In the 10th financial year, two members of AASC have been certified CPA, ACCA and CIMA.

9. Promote cooperation with the audit firm in the industry
In the last financial year, AASC promoted cooperation with the auditing company in the sector to implement a number of services as the audit of project settlement report, the audit of financial statement, and the enterprise valuation. Promoting cooperation contributes to increase the revenue and the quality of services provided by AASC in particular and by audit firms in the industry in general.

10. The 10th Congress of Board of Members successfully organized
The 10th Congress of Board of Members has been successfully organized: The band of Audit firm AASC with historical mission, with the “oldest brother” position of the firms in the industry, and the traditional value were elevated in the Resolution of the Congress, and recorded as provisions of the policy, and as an inseparable part of AASC Company’s culture.

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