Friendly football match between AASC and State audit office

Towards the 30th anniversary of AASC establishment (13/5/1991 – 13/5/2021), on 01 July 2020, AASC and State Audit Office – Specialised Audit Department No VI – held a football match at Thanh Dong football field, Hanoi.

Attending the event were Mr. Nguyen Van Lan - Chairman of the State Audit Office’s Union, Deputy Chief Auditor of Specialised Audit Department No VI, Mr. Luu Truong Khang - Deputy Chief Auditor of Specialised Audit Department No VI; Mr. Ngo Duc Doan – AASC’s Chairman, Mr. Vu Xuan Bien - Deputy General Director of AASC and numerous officials and auditors of the two units.

It was an entertaining match between the teams. There were attacks and counter attacks every moment. Both the team made several movements and scoring chances. AASC first took the lead. Excitement spread out among the spectators when the State Audit Office team equalised the score. At the end, after taking good chances, the State Audit Office players won the match with final score 3 - 2.

The friendly match has created a healthy and useful playground, bringing comfortable moments after stressful working hours for officials and auditors of the Audit Sector. Through this event, the two units will take important steps to contribute to the strong development of Vietnam Audit.

Some images of the match:

2020 07 02 GiaoLuuBongDa1

2020 07 02 GiaoLuuBongDa2

2020 07 02 GiaoLuuBongDa3

2020 07 02 GiaoLuuBongDa4

2020 07 02 GiaoLuuBongDa6